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DeFi at the speed of light.

Trade Proton coins on a fast automated market maker with no gas fees.

How to convert crypto to xTokens

Download Proton Wallet

Scan a QR Code to open your wallet and confirm payments with ease using stable coins. No user manual, no White Paper needed.

Open DeFi App

Every detail of the user journey feels familiar. No long hashes, no technical jargon, created to be accessible by all.

Use Convert Tool

Proton apps are built around the idea of small, stable coin micropayments. Proton allows you to accept payments within seconds.

Zero fees

Proton provides users with free accounts and enough resources to use DeFi applications without paying gas fees. Power users will be able to upgrade their free plan to have virtually unlimited transactions for a small monthly cost.

Fast transactions

Proton transactions happen fast: in seconds, not minutes. The feeling from sending value to any user or app, anywhere in the world, instantly.

Simple & Intuitive

Every Proton user is accessible through a simple @name system, just like Twitter. Accessing apps is also as easy as scanning a QR code and confirming transactions in your mobile app.

Our core DNA is user experience. Our mission is to open crypto to everybody on the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our conversion tool over at to convert tokens between ETH and XETH and other wrapped tokens.

To convert ERC-20 XPR (ETH) to mainnet XPR head over to Once logged in, click the “Connect Ethereum Wallet” button to get started.

Each trade has a 0.3% fee. 

Users can reduce the per-trade fee of 0.3% fees by staking XPR. Learn how you can stake XPR here.

100K XPR staked leads to a 33% discount

1M XPR staked leads to a 66% discount

10M XPR staked leads to a 100% discount

You can start staking with as little as 1 XPR. Your tokens will be returned to your balance in 24 hours after unstaking.

0.2% of every trade goes to the liquidity providers (LPs) of the liquidity pool.

We need to screen tokens on Proton swap to make sure we are not facilitating the sale of unregistered securities. That said, please submit Token requests here.

Proton Swap requires users to verify their identity in order to safeguard the integrity of the platform and reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and the violation of sanctions, as set forth by regulators.

Download Proton Wallet