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Governing Council

The Proton Governing Council is an independent, term limited governance entity that regulates and oversees block producers on the Proton blockchain. It consists of up to 59 diversified organizations representing a wide variety of stakeholders.

A Decentralized, Independent Governance Model

Pre-qualification of block producer candidates

A majority vote of council members is needed to pre-approve new block producers. Each BP must meet minimum technical standards, and must have a verified identity.

Review of block producer compliance & termination

The council monitors all block producers, verifies that performance meets minimum thresholds, and in the case of non-compliance can terminate BPs.

Advise on direction of codebase and pricing

The council advises Metallicus and other Proton contributors on the direction of the codebase, and sets the block producer rewards and resource pricing for apps.

Term Limits and Equal Votes

All members of the council have an equal vote, and serve for a term of 2 years. The council nominates and votes on its own replacements.

Block Rewards and Staking

The inflation block reward is set at 4% per annum, awarded on a 1/365 ratio, daily. This reward is split as follows:


split evenly among all block producers


to all accounts that stake and vote for block producers


to the governing council


to yield farming

Additional Block Producers

Council Members

Block Producer & member of the Proton Blockchain Consortium

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Frequently Asked Questions

The governing council has the ability to pre-approve BPs and remove them in case of bad behaviour. 

Yes. As we roll out the chain commercially, the council is expected to grow significantly to represent all the different chain stakeholders.

Token holders vote to select BPs. At any point there are 21 producing block producers. All BPs must first be pre-approved by the council.

Yes. They are available here.

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