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Mainnet Launch

MAY 2020

Proton Mainnet launched in May of 2020. Our core 21 Block producers started validating blocks immediately, this can all be tracked on our block explorer

Open Source Wallet SDK


iOS and Android Open Source Wallet SDKs were released. This is the core tech used in the Proton Reference wallet, and was made available for all apps to embed Proton functionality.



In September 2020, we released the open source Web SDK, allowing users to authenticate and accept payments using Proton Signing Request (PSR).

ERC-20 Wrapping


We released an ERC-20 Wrapping and Unwrapping tool. This tool allows users to move between ERC-20 coins to Proton coins and back.

Onchain Verified Identity


We have implemented a lite version of on-chain KYC already with Trulioo. Further KYC vendor integration is expected in Q4. With on chain KYC, individuals and companies can have the "verfied checkmark" on chain, and across apps.

Blockchain Resource Lending


In Dec 2020, we implemented a tiered resource lending model, where for a fixed monthly price developers can secure CPU, NET, and RAM resources needed to run their apps.

Long Staking

Q1 2021

Designed as the next evolution in staking, long staking allows users to lock in their funds to a smart contract guaranteed to beat the market performance of Bitcoin by 50%. We envision this as a way to gain exposure to an altcoin (Proton) while still having the security of the performance of Bitcoin.


Q1 2021

A cryptocurrency swapping tool with instant conversion and no gas fees, ProtonSwap was launched as the best way to swap cryptocurrencies. With the ability to swap for single satoshis and small units of crypto, this tool enables first-of-its-kind micro-transactions between blockchains.

Crypto Deposits

Q1 2021

Switching on cryptocurrency deposits enables the Proton Wallet to receive crypto from different sources, connecting it to the global cryptocurrency economy.

Proton Market

Q2 2021

Create, sell, and buy NFTs with no gas fees, near-zero minting costs, and superb end-user experience. With the Proton Chain's fast speed (3,000+ TPS) and the Proton Wallet's ultra-secure PSR, Proton is the perfect new home for NFTs.

Liquidity Mining

Q2 2021

Proton Swap will allow liquidity providers to earn rewards on the tokens that they provide to the pools on select trading pairs. Liquidity mining on Proton is designed to be simple, attractive, and seamless.

Q3 2021

A platform designed to allow authentication, identity management, payment processing, and cryptocurrency transactions for Web 3.0, built on the Proton blockchain. Wallet

Q4 2021

We've completely re-imaged the Proton wallet experience and rebuilt it from the ground up to be even better, using the modern framework of React Native and to supercharge the user experience.

Proton Loan

Q1 2022

Using the LOAN token that will be airdropped to Proton holders in Q2 2021, Proton Loan allows individuals to borrow or lend cryptocurrency using multiple blockchains simultaneously. This multi-blockchain approach will open up lending options that are not commonly available on other crypto lending platforms.

Fully Verified Onchain Identity

Q1 2022

We have built a new global, on-chain KYC product using InCode for state of the art verification and authentication. This on-chain Identity fulfills all regulatory requirements and can be shared across multiple chains or platforms to provide secure identity anywhere, anytime to reduce private data risk exposure.

Fiat On-ramps

Q1 2022

Access to the Proton blockchain and all of its features is now one step away with our new global Fiat on-ramp. Just wire Fiat from any global bank to your Proton fiat deposit account and receive XUSDC with no gas fees.

WebAuth NFT Support

Q2 2022

Our next-generation cryptocurrency wallet and identity attestation solution steps further into the world of Web3 by adding NFT support directly in the wallet, allowing WebAuth users to see the NFTs that they hold in their collection directly in the WebAuth Wallet app.

WebAuth Web Version

The WebAuth Wallet comes to desktop users through the WebAuth Web Version. This update makes it easier to use WebAuth, broadening the potential user base for this beautifully-designed platform.

Multi-Currency / Multi-Language Support for WebAuth

This update unlocks the WebAuth platform for more users from more diverse places around the world, with support for dozens of new languages and currencies in WebAuth.

Proton Decentralized Exchange

The highly-anticipated Proton Decentralized Exchange (Dex) brings Proton further towards the decentralized future that we’re building, allowing Proton users to trade and swap cryptocurrencies directly with each other - without the need of a centralized third-party to facilitate the transaction.

Proton Vesting & Streaming Payments

Proton Payment Streaming is a new dApp on the Proton Blockchain that automates recurring payments. Users set amount, duration, and recipient, and smart contracts execute automatically, providing a reliable, cost-effective payment solution.

Ethereum NFT Bridge

Port your ERC-721/1155 NFTs directly into the Proton blockchain by using the upcoming Ethereum NFT Bridge - allowing you to buy, sell, send, and receive your NFTs without paying the high gas fees associated with other blockchains.

Proton Governance Dashboard

A highly anticipated addition to the Proton Blockchain. The Proton Governance Dashboard brings a decentralized voting mechanism to allow stakeholders from a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to vote on community driven proposals.

The New Home of Proton Blockchain

Proton Blockchain is consolidating its core dApps onto, providing a unified user interface. The hub includes Proton DEX, Loan, KYC, DAO Dashboard, developer docs, and community forum, simplifying user interactions and raising awareness of the technology.

Proof of Reserves & Liabilities Dashboard

The Proof of Reserves & Liabilities Dashboard on the Proton Blockchain provides real-time monitoring of wrapped assets. It shows proof of reserves and liabilities, ensuring that users have full confidence in the financial health of their assets.

New Wallet Connection Flow

The upcoming PSR upgrade on the Proton Blockchain provides a faster and more secure authentication solution for interacting with WebAuth and performing transactions on dApps, improving the user experience and providing greater peace of mind.

ISO20022 Compliance Demo

The ISO20022 Compliance Demo is an upcoming project demonstrating Proton's ability to integrate with traditional financial systems and institutions, using the ISO20022 standard for financial messaging. This will streamline processes and attract more institutions to the Proton ecosystem, strengthening its position.

Proton Invoicing

Proton Invoicing is an on-chain invoicing solution on the Proton Blockchain that streamlines the invoicing process, automates payments via smart contracts, and increases transparency. It's designed for small businesses and freelancers, reducing the need for intermediaries and expensive accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions

As stated in the original whitepaper, the ultimate goal of Proton is to process payment pending transactions for fiat on chain. In order to effectively roll this out, we need to integrate the Metal banking and functionality. This is an ongoing process that our team is dedicated to.

We plan to offer staking rewards on all coins in time, with these coins being safely lent out at high rates of interest (subject to approval).

Proton already does support the Simple Asset protocol. We are working on further NFT support and examples.

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